Connections with the Interviews

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With the 2 interviews that were conducted, the definitions of biotechnology varied. Overall though there was the impression that it dealt with science to achieve something bigger from both people who were interviewed. Both interviewees responded that they are in support of advancements in the field because they would essentially help humanity either in curing diseases or develop products that would be useful.

Assignment 4: Interview

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Briefly describe what biotechnology means

–bio tech to me is like super sized chickens at McDonalds or like stem cell research.

Are you in favor of further industrial research in this field?

-yes, medical wise I believe it can help cure diseases and stuff like that

Provide at least one reason for your stance on this issue.

– I believe that biotechnology is going to save many lives with it’s medical advancements

What is your academic major?

– Economics


A. Briefly describe what biotechnology means.

  • “biologically engineered technology– something that is not organic and is humanly maneuvered to drive beneficial results or outcomes”

B. Are you in favor of further industrial research in this field?

  • “yes because further research will improve people’s conceptions and expand their knowledge on the subject of biotechnology”

C. Provide at least one reason for your stance on this issue.

  • “because it allows humanity to better develop products that are useful and necessary”

D. What is your academic major?

  • “recreation and tourism”

Design Document

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The above link is Team Awesome’s Design Document for our problem about PowerPoints.


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hey guys ;D

just inquiring about assignment 3. Can someone please explain what we need to do.



Individual Solution Statement

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Our problem is the ineffective way that teachers at school use power point. Students have trouble paying attention to power point presentations as well as absorbing the information that is being given to them. The route problem that I have discovered through my research is that most teachers don’t understand that power point is simply a tool and that the presenter is the main focus of the presentation not power point. That being said now that I have found the route cause I can formulate a solution based on my research. I feel that like Kathy there should be a helper tool like the paper clip in word that comes with the power point program. But I think that the main focus of the solution should be on training the presenter him/herself. I feel that teachers need to take a power point course which would prepare them to make a presentation that is more based upon the presenter and not power point. Some teachers tend to load up their slides with text instead of presenting the knowledge in their presentation. This means that students write down the information instead of listening to the presentation. Teachers in this course will understand that they need to present the information not power point. Everyone knows how to use power point but its about using power point effectively to convey information to students, to learn the knowledge that is the ultimate goal. If teachers are better trained to use power point it will be easier to reach that goal.